Workforce Management Solutions

“Flexible & tailored approach”

Workforce is worth its weight in Gold. And it is equally hard to find. At TechnoGen, we understand this challenge.

We fulfill the client’s workforce challenges with the strength of our teams and our processes. We are a recruiting powerhouse, with processes and tools honed over 16+ years of existence. We use Right Sourcing – our in house model to find and connect the right talent with you.

Each industry and business area brings its unique set of recruiting challenges and needs. At TechnoGen, we leverage our experience in sourcing talent across Product Engineering, Cloud Computing, Mobility, Networking & Security, Cyber Security, Block Chain, Data Engineering, Data Science, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IOT and Digital Media. We also work with Specialists in each domain – for the times when you need the highest experience and the deepest expertise.

Different roles and skill sets require their unique approaches to staffing. Hiring a network engineer is a completely different ball game than setting up an offshore development centre. The scale of operations necessitates a customized, unique approach to sourcing right skilled workforce. At TechnoGen, our team of experts leverages a thorough understanding of your business area, combined with a wide experience to implement a perfect workforce solution for you.